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Repaired after vandalism

Repaired after vandalism
Tied Knot trail

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First United Trail Day!!

The Forbidden Freeriders have combined forces with The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) and now act under the UROC name. We provide volunteer skills and labour and organize and run Trail Maintenance Days in Cumberland, BC. Trail Days are a sanctioned UROC Event including insurance, trail education and instruction as well as raffles and fun in the forest. These are family friendly days and we welcome volunteers of all abilities.
Trail Maintenance Days are the LAST SUNDAY of each month at 11am in the CRI Car Park on Dunsmuir. Expect to be out for 3-4 hours so bring food, drinks, sensible footwear, gloves a shovel and a bucket.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Group merge

The FFR was approached by the United Riders of Cumberland (URoC) a few months ago and a suggestion ws put forth about the two groups merging. We are currently in our third round of meetings to move forward and the possibility of the merge is very likely. URoC are a registered Non-Profit Organization that hosts group rides, races, the Cumberland section of the BC Bike Race and includes the area's most prolific trail builders. Our part in the group would be to host Trail Days that maintain the network of existing trails with volunteers of all ages. Seeing as the groups membership is nearly 50 women, it would be great to see more girls on Trail Days and involved in events.
FFR also hosts a couple of fund-raising events such as Bike'n'Bitz Bike Swap and a Free Bike Lock-Up at the Big Time Out music festival that both raise money for the Cumberland Community Forest Society. The events will be hosted by URoC if the merge goes through but FFR Crew will retain creative control.
It is so hard to make sure that egotistical pursuits are not accounted as more important than community good in the merge but in the long run, we feel the merge will benefit the community more than having two groups in a small town.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Updates are coming soon because we will start using this page more!!! Robin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trail Day this Sunday at 11am, meeting in the CRI Car Park (weather permitting). Hosted by the Forbidden Freeriders but open to all!!http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=160335204369&ref=mf

Friday, May 1, 2009

In cooperation with The Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) we are proud to coordinate the Comox Valley's first bicycle sale and swap with 10% of all sales going to the CCFS!

Road to mountain, kids to commuter - bikes, frames, forks, parts, clothing, shoes, tools and accessories. No helmets will be accepted for safety reasons.

Drop your bike/parts/clothing off with a price either Saturday May 23 between 4-6pm or on Sunday May 24 at 11am to the CRI car park in Cumberland and receive a numbered ticket. *Please note that high value items over $75.00 will need a current Photo ID for registration*. The sale starts on Sunday at 12 and goes until 4pm. Then return your ticket and receive your money, less 10%. Any bikes and parts left behind or donated will be given to World Bikes who aid the homeless with bikes and maintanance.

100% of proceed from sales will be donated to the CCFS and we encourage all to donate monthly to the charity. Future loans for aquisition of more forest is easier when you have a monthly income!

The event is a great place to buy your child a bike or swap yours for one more your style or just to pick up a part or jersey. So start sorting out your stuff in the garage and instead of leaving it to rot, trade it in for something you want! Obviously we don't want garbage or rusty bits of metal, the bikes must work and the clothes clean and wearable. There will be knowledgable volunteers helping people work out the value of items and offering buying advice.

Please help support the CCFS by checking out their website: www.cumberlandforest.com

This will be promoted via:

* Shaw TV (CH 4)
* The Comox Valley Record Newspaper(Editorial)
* The Valley Echo Newspaper(Free Advertising)
* JetFM Radio (98.9) Community Events Calendar (Hourly for 7 days prior to event)


SATURDAY 23 between 4pm - 6pm
SUNDAY 24 between 11am-12pm

Sale starts SUNDAY 12pm - 4pm
We have redirected most of our traffic over to facebook now via this link:


However, this page will be updated very soon!!! There has been alot going on!


Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17 2008

Working on Tied the Knot in Cumberland and reworking the complete trail. Pics are at bottom of page.

Tied Knot

Tied Knot
Featured in MBUK magazine

Tied the Knot

Tied the Knot
Rippin' the root for FFR log ride